Saturday, April 9, 2011

Refreshed and Reminded

So we are back in Haiti after a very quick trip back to our home in Australia. I was going to be heading home to surprise my Mum for her 50th Birthday, and Barry was going to stay here and look after the guesthouse. Less than a week before I was to fly out we found out that a very dear friend was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. At the last minute thanks to our wonderful friend Collins (who volunteered to look after the guesthouse) we where both heading home.

We where able to meet up with our dear friends Bob and Tracy and the lovely Sarah’s while in LA for a few hours then off to BrisVegas we flew.

*Surprised our friends at dinner on Friday night very fun.

*Surprised my mum (watch the video in the gallery very funny).

*Spent lots of quality time with our sick friend and her children.

*Joked and laughed with our friends and family.

*Celebrated Mum’s 50th Birthday (Mums tribute video is also loaded).

*Hugged a lot of people.

*Played with our Dog alot.

*Celebrated Barry’s 34th Birthday.

And then in the blink of an eye we where back on a plane.

The visit went way too quick and I am sorry for anybody that we didn’t get to see it was hectic and just way to short.

On our flight back to Haiti we where both still a little sad about leaving everyone again and Barry made a comment that I pray will stay with me. “ We had better make sure that we make every moment count in Haiti and we better make sure we do everything God ask’s of us there” Why? I asked already knowing the answer. “Because we are giving up and missing out on so much at home.”

For those of you that don't know Barry very well he wasn't talking about material things he couldn't care less about stuff.

He meant spending time with each and every one of you. Watching your kids grow up,having a BBQ, kicking the footy around, you know, doing life together and genuinely being part of community with you. We miss it and we where reminded of just how special our life back home is.... because we have all of you!!!!!!

Thank-you for loving on us the way you did. Thank-you for praying for us. Thank-you for making us laugh and filling us back up again. We are truly refreshed.

Loving you from afar
B & B

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