Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Where 2 next

Barry and I finish at the Heartline Guesthouse at the end of June. A huge answer to prayer that permanent people that will take care of this place have now been found. Melissa and Ryan from Minnesota came down and stayed with us for a week or so to check out Haiti and the Heartline team. Its a huge blessing as they truly feel called to work at the guesthouse.

Melissa shared with us that she had a dream many years ago that she would be looking after missionaries in a house. She had no clue what that meant until the guesthouse opportunity came up.

Although looking after the guesthouse and up to 47 missionaries at one time, has been one of the hardest jobs I’ve ever done, it truly has been a huge blessing. When we moved to Haiti we thought we where going to be living in a tent and eating rice and beans everyday. Instead we have had a bed and a place to stay and menu options, a vehicle and a community of people that love us. We have also had the pleasure of meeting some of the nicest people I could ever imagine, you know who you are...:)

We have met people from all walks of life and from every corner of the US & Canada and even Germany and the UK. I think we could travel the length and breadth of the US and never have to stay in a hotel again. To say its been and awesome blessing would not be overstating it. It will be a bit sad at the end of June but we will only live 3 doors away so not too sad.

So what’s next, I hear you say. Well Barry and I will be doing two very different projects. I will let Barry tell you about his project when he is ready. He is still at the “Really God are you sure you have the right guy” stage. I know it well. Its a really great huge project, and I am sure he will share with you when he is ready.

You may have noticed I have been blog absent lately. I have been purposefully hiding from my blog because I have been seeking what it is exactly I will be doing and I had to be sure before telling you all about it. But I am now sure really sure, so here goes.

I am currently putting the finishing touches on a funding proposal to hold a Renewable Energy Expo in Haiti towards the end of 2011 or the beginning of 2012.

What, why?

Well many reasons too many to list here but the two main reasons are.

1. To highlight what renewable options are out there to produce electricity for the people of Haiti.
2. To showcase Haiti as a viable location for manufacturing of Renewable Energy products to create jobs and boost the economy.

Its estimated that in post quake Haiti less than 12.5% of the population have access to power. Seriously!

Barry and dropped by the grocery store the other night. (yes we have those, (picture IGA but more expensive, with no specials and less choice). As we walked back to our car Barry pointed out a teenage boy pacing, book in hand under the car-park light. We watched him for a moment and realised he was studying.

With no electricity he has no ability to study once the sun goes down other than to pace the grocery store car-park.

Some would still say what isn’t electricity a luxury not a necessity to life. Well no it isn’t a luxury.

Electricity isn't about TV and air-conditioning. Its about education, safer living, cooking without the need to chop down the last of Haiti’s trees to make charcoal.

Its about so much more than just giving people power, its about giving people power to make choices. Choices you and I take for granted every day.

I am excited, I am thrilled at the challenge this will be. I don’t know why I get to do this but I am grateful to serve in what ever way I am given and if that means I get to help someone do their homework at night or get a job in the new industries created I am happy for that also.

I am just at the very beginning of this journey and hope you will come with me. Please pray for this opportunity to serve Haiti. Doors are already starting to open, but I am sure I have a lot of challengers ahead. Finding the $430k funding budget just for starters.

Thanks for your love, support and prayers.


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  1. So excited for you Bec and Baz! Fun to see where our prayers are leading! Do you know of this green energy organization They can help with light :) Also will FB you regarding a friend working towards a similar end in Haiti...Love you!