Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Huffington Post Article about Library For All

As publishers wrestle with the world of digital and what it means for their traditional print model, one social entrepreneur is coming up with solutions that could benefit bottom lines, and unlock knowledge to billions globally.

Rebecca McDonald, Founder and CEO of Library For All, is a woman on a mission. A warm-hearted, gregarious Aussie, her idea is to create an online platform purpose-built for developing nations that will provide free access to e-books for users living in poverty.

Implementing a horizontal model in partnership with existing institutions including schools, government and NGO partners, Library For All aims to provide access to three million users within three years.

Library For All caught my attention because it's more than a bold charitable proposition. Rebecca and her team aim to build an innovative model of public-private partnership, collaborating with publishing industry leaders to bring the project to life, and make them key stakeholders in the library's success.

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