Tuesday, November 8, 2011

60sec update

We have been home for 9 days. The first 3 we where in a jet-lag induced comma so surely they don't count against the days we have left.

We have briefly seen most of our nearest and dearest and hope to catch up with them one on one soon.

Let me give you a quick recap.

*Airport arrival then onto breakfast with a few friends and mums and nan.

*3 days of jet lag induced sleep.

*Friday night pool party to catch up with some friends.

The festivities moved from the cool pool to the warm spa once night time came

*A solo early morning drive out to Mum and Dad's farm to spend a quality weekend with some of my family and our Dog Mac.  Mum asked me months ago what I wanted to eat most when we came home and Lamb Roast was top of the list. It was delicious and I introduced the family to smores. Well as close as I could get anyway. It was way to hot to light a bonfire so we just lit the BBQ instead. We didn't have gram crackers so Nice biscuits where the next best thing I could find.

My nieces Charlotte and Madelyn

My Nephew Harry and My Niece Alexis

*Barry stayed in Brisvegas and attended a birthday party and went to the driving range. Didnt take him long to get a golf club in his hand. Nobody is surprised.

*Monday night catch up with some of the girls from my old home group.

*Celebration BBQ for our good friend Matty who just won the NSW PGA. Barry sat glued to the internet watching for updates of Matty and if he had fingernails they would have been chewed off. Nice work Matt we are all so proud of you. You can read more about this legend here.

*Dinner with our friend Nikki Pen.

*Barry and Andy went to Indooropilly golf course for an early morning nine holes with our friend wags.( Notice club in hand for the second time in a week)

*And last night I was treated to my second lamb roast in a week. Feeling very well fed.

So as you can tell we are trying to make up for the social events we have missed in the past year.

How many dinners and parties can we cram into 2 months.

I am not sure but I am excited to find out.