Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I Am Sorry

I Am Sorry, if I have in some way made you think we do not need Help with the projects we are undertaking. I mean Sorry because my personality is one that is Stubborn, focused and introverted and I am comfortable by myself for long periods of time so that may be misinterpreted as not needing your help, your Prayers, your feedback and your insights which may just be what we need to hear at that moment in time. 
You see this week we have had some interesting feedback which I am choosing to call timely advise for myself, wisdom from experienced people in the field that has cost us emotionally and spiritually this week, their timely advise that we seem to be independent and so focused on what we are doing that people may see that as not needing support from them or allowing people to give feedback or speak into our lives, this is why I am Sorry because it may seem that way but nothing could be further from the truth. 
You see this Blog is meant to be about Bec, the one you all Love and Care about the one I am blessed to journey through life with, the one I get to call Wifey. This week Bec has had to deal with some pretty what I would call laughable but in fact is awful information which shook her to the core and this is why I am asking for your Help. 
A report came through that if was about myself would make me laugh but is was in relation to Bec, and as you know Bec is a words of Affirmation person so when something that is So untrue that is written in a report on record then that is BAD, not just Bad but really Bad. I have not seen Bec so upset in such a long time, I mean shaken to her core this week, the report is rubbish and not even worth discussing but I need your HELP, Please can you send Bec a message either private on email or on Facebook Telling her How amazing she is and 1 thing you Love or admire about Her as a Person. 

I admire everyone who we know I draw from you all in ways you would not even know but the most important thing is you Love and Care about Bec and she really needs to Hear from you this week, I am Hoping that in the next 48 hours Bec receives over 200 messages from you guys as it is going to take something special to Help her move past this hurt and disappointment. 
Her project Library for all is beyond Amazing, it is a once in a lifetime idea that will benefit millions of people and it is still in the early stages of development so it is no surprise an attack like this would present itself but as I said earlier we need everyone we know to be behind, Beside and sometimes in front of us to allow these projects to be fruitful.
 I thank you in Advance for Sending Bec a message of encouragement TODAY and Apologize again for seeming like being a loner or independent person because I am not, we are not, we all need each other as a communty. 
Thank You for being part of the journey and our community that we journey with.


The Loveable Bec

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