Monday, May 7, 2012

Quick Update

The flights are booked and we will be flying out of Brisbane on the 15th of May.

This week will be a crazy mess of last minute jobs and squeezing every last moment of memory making with our nearest and dearest.

If you are wondering if we hit our financial goal the short answer is no. Actually we are quite a way away from it but we have decided it was time.

We both feel like now is the right time and just as God provided last year we have full confidence He will provide again.

We will be in Colorado for 2-3 weeks and then we will be in LA for about a week and then the plan is to head to Haiti after that.

Barry will be able to again train in the heat which he needs to be ready for the heat of Haiti. He will also be doing some altitude training in the mountains of Colorado.

While in Colorado we will be staying with Joel Thomas  and his family. Joel is a board member of Heartline and with the combined expertise of Brenda Kaker the Communications Manager for Heartline it is hoped most of the Co-run logistics and some of the run logistics can be worked out during our time in Colorado.

There are also 3 publishes I will be meeting with that are based in Colorado to further the library project.

So we are expecting a very productive time in the US before heading back to Haiti.

We hope to speak at a few churches and home groups etc while in the US so if you know of any that would open their doors to us to share our testimony and promote the run we would love to hear from you.

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