Sunday, August 28, 2011

Aldente pasta, old boots and Barry's food economy

 If I could narrow down Barry's love language to one thing it would be "quality time" Specifically "Time spent cooking Quality Food" for him of course. You all know that I am less than enthusiastic about cooking its not that I cant cook I just really don't like to cook.  When its my turn to cook I generally takes the easiest and shortest route to getting a meal on the table and me back out of the kitchen.

As you can imagine that doesn't communicate much love to Barry. After a very challenging week last week, I wanted to show Barry just how much I had appreciated the care he took with me. He excelled as a husband last week, holding me when I really needed it, letting me cry and mopping up the tears, and just making sure I knew I was loved.

So today I wanted to show him just how much I appreciated him. I decided I would try to make salmon and spinach ravioli. I have always been in awe of people that make there own pasta and as the range of pasta here in Haiti is limited to spagetti and lasagne I thought I would give it a shot.

I had done a trade exchange with Joanna one of the Heartline midwives extraordinaire's here. 5 Avacadoes for a tin of salmon. We are blessed to have an avacado tree in our yard and it has produced a bumper crop and so I feel its my duty to ensure the neighbours and our missionairy friends are well supplied. Secretly I would have given them to Joanna anyway but her Dad is a master fisherman in Oregan and he catches huge salmon and cans them and Joanna brings them to Haiti, so this isnt just any salmon this is Oregan delicious salmon, gives Tasmanian salmon some stiff competition let me tell you.

I decided I would try to make salmon and spinach ravioli.  (Ive learnt the more adventurous the attempt the more Barry points I accrue.)  I have documented the fun for your entertainment.

My attempt to make the pasta without a pasta maker
I decided on a circle shape ravioli

So things where going well and I had headed the recipes wairnings that the pasta needed to be thin almost see thru.
The delicious filling, salmon, spinach, and cream cheese.

I thought my little pillows where looking good.

So things where going great I have always been in awe of people that make there own pasta and I was feeling pretty happy with myself. Tonight I was one of those people that make there own pasta. Yeah.

I decided that I should be really tricky and test how long they would take to cook so I could be sure they where aldente.
In you go.

I forgot to look at the clock to time how long the "test" took real smart I know. So a second pillow had to be sacrificed. This time I watched the clock.

So after many many more minutes than I expected they just were not cooking. They were a dismal failure I cant even show you the sad mess as they quickly entered the bin. Think of the texture of an old boot and you are close.

The pasta was just too thick. So unfortunately I am not one of those people that makes there own pasta.

I did manage to salvage the dinner and the valuable delicious salmon and we had salmon, spinach spaghetti instead.

Doesn't photograph well but it was delicious.

Happy customer.
Best part about stuffing up so bad is that in Barry's food economy I get still get huge points for effort, and he knows he is loved and appreciated which was the whole point to begin with.


  1. Your're a dead-set legend Becca! only the bravest of the brave attempts pasta without a machine and Barry is a lucky guy to have such a valiant woman alongside him too! LOVED the photo's xo

  2. LOVE! I love Troy but I am incapable of showing him love in the form of fabulous food. I think you are AMAZING!!!!! And - thank you for sharing those Avocados!