Sunday, June 3, 2012

New York here I come

Colorado has been a really great time for us both relationally and organizationally. We are staying with the Thomas family in Arvada a suburb of Colorado. We met Joel Thomas in Haiti and became friends immediately. He was one of the first people Barry went running with in Haiti in the very early days of his preparation to run across Haiti.  Its been such a pleasure to stay with the Thomas’s and we are loving getting to know Julie and their children Isaiah, Bella, Zion and Zach.

Last Monday Barry and Joel Ran the ‘Boulder to Boulder’ just under 70,000 people took part. The boys finished the 10km in 43 minutes even though they started behind 35,000 people they ended up finishing in the top 1100 runners. A huge effort considering how many people they had to dodge and weave around. 

Joel and Baz rocking the new Run For Life Haiti Tshirts

We have had some strategic planning meetings for the run, while it was really positive it did highlight just how much work is left to do before Barry begins. We may end up staying in Colorado longer then we planned to get it all done as it was pointed out to us that its much easier to do from the US with good internet and phone etc. We will see how things play out over the next two weeks.

This week we also launched the ‘Run for the Run’ initiative, it’s the co run part of what Barry is doing that we have been talking about for months.

All you have to do is pick an event, run, walk, ride, tri anything you can think of, get sponsored and the money goes towards the total we are raising for the Heartline Maternity Centre in Haiti. We are so excited that others can get involved. Follow this link, register and start getting sponsors.

As I right this, I am currently sitting on a plane to New York City. After my last trip its not my favorite place on earth but I am really excited at what will happen in the next 5 days. I will be attending Book Fair America, and the Digital Book Fair. I will be hosting a round table discussion on “Universal Access to Information” I am really looking forward to meeting with lots of publishes that I have on my most wanted list for the digital library we are creating. A few of you will probably be a little confused by my last paragraph so I will take this opportunity to share briefly about what I am working on.

We are building a digital library for the developing world we have called it ‘Library For All’ and soon you will be able to visit our website and find out all of the details. I will let you know when its live. I can’t take any credit for the idea it was totally Gods idea and he has imbedded it on my heart.

We witnessed first hand the knowledge poverty that pervades Haiti and other developing countries. Most schools have less than thirty books and these books are so precious they are not allowed to leave the school. Imagine if the entire span of knowledge available to you was just thirty books! How different would your life look? How different would your future prospects look? Pretty scary thought to me when I would have trouble even narrowing down my favorite books of all time to just thirty.

I have been working on this now since June last year and I am really excited at the doors that are now opening. We have a long way to go but we are well on the way. The expo holds a lot of potential meeting opportunities and I am excited at what will happen.

This is our new logo designed by Anna NG so grateful for all of the hard work she has done. If you want any design work done I can thoroughly recommend her. Her website is
Our new stamp logo that fits perfectly on my business card that looks like a library card.
Some of you might be wondering ‘hang on, you were working on a solar project’. I truly was up until a few months ago. The library was my ‘side project’ I allowed myself nights and weekends to work on it but God has made it very clear that now is the right time and it has become my main focus. I am actively praying for someone to take over the solar project in Haiti and make it happen. The technology is really exciting and has so much potential. I know the right person or group will come along I will just keep praying till they do.

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